Laminating with decorative foils

The coating (lamination) of plastic and aluminium profiles, window sills intended for the construction industry and accessories, and other industries dealing with PVC materials. For coating (laminating), we use multi-layer exterior foils that are treated with a transparent top acrylate coating to protect against UV radiation. The foils are also equipped with technology providing a lower absorption of thermal (infrared) radiation, resulting in a reduction in the surface temperature of the systems, thereby contributing to the preservation of their shape stability. The foils we use meet the quality requirements of the RAL-GZ 716 standard for plastic window profile systems.

Possible uses

  • In the window industry for the colouring of plastic profiles such as Rehau, Veka, Profine, Trocal, Salamandr, Inoutic etc., in a range of pastel colours or imitation wood.
  • Another possible use is for coating PVC plastic profiles or aluminum profiles, eg fence posts, window sills, façade tiles, mouldings, etc. up to a width of 780 mm.

We provide colour treatment of plastic or aluminium profiles by coating (laminating).

We offer more than 80 wood imitations, 80 pastel and 40 metallic colours for profile coating (laminating).



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