Plastic fences

The plastic profiles (planks) are made of high quality PVC material and thus guarantee minimal maintenance. This reduces, in particular, the cost of painting the fence and possibly its future replacement. The hollow PVC profiles have been tested in practice. These profiles are extruded from specially modified PVC. In the white design, profiles are stained in the material and stabilized against UV radiation. Coloured parts are covered with PVC foil, which has also been used for many years in the window industry. These films are again treated with a layer of UV protection.

We offer more than 200 colour decorations, section sampler. Alu crosses are colour-coordinated with individual planks.

We offer plank covers in the colours listed in the profile list. For other colours not on offer we recommend spray coating to achieve the desired shade, the type of paint must be suitable for use on PVC. 


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